An app that works based on recommendations

The events it promotes are selecte by influencers , and offer users significant discounts. All payments occur within the app, and Fever charges a fee on each transaction. The startup also has agreements with other Uruguay WhatsApp Number List brands and businesses that want to promote themselves (and their events) through the app. From Madrid to the 5 continents In the last 5 years, the company has experienced tremendous growth.  Going from being present in three cities in Spain to being used in more than 60 cities in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. Today, the United States is its largest market. In Ströhlein’s words, « Fever is the reference platform in the main cities of the world – from Los Angeles, to Paris, Singapore, or Sydney.

From Madrid to the 5 continents

We are showing that it is possible to contribute to creating. A leading global product from the Cortes neighborhood in Madrid. The arrival of the pandemic prompted the takeoff of the application. Which became a very useful tool for thousands of organizers such as museums. Theaters or classical music producers, who had to adapt their formats and attract the public again. With Fever, they made their experiences more accessible to a new audience. Not just in their home markets, but around the world. Stephen Kerns himself, Managing Director of the Goldman Sachs growth equity fund, highlighted that “ Fever’s ability to multiply its income tenfold since before the pandemic demonstrates both the strength of its team and the growing demand for live experiences.

A frustrated beginning with a happy ending

Fever’s success is underpinned by industry -leading technology and partnerships with the world’s largest entertainment institutions. Two factors that we believe will ensure its continued growth. And expansion well into the future.” A frustrated beginning with a happy ending It seems like only yesterday. That we published that article in which the incipient app dedicated to events, found. And direct by Pep Gómez , closed a financing round worth 8.3 million dollars. Strong brand in the Spanish market after a few ups and downs. To find the origin of the startup we have to go back a few years (2010 and 2011) to Barcelona. Where the company started to work for the nightlife industry.

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