An Effective Rss Reader Integrated Into Your Browser

Which RSS feed reader to use? Of course Google Reader is the first that comes to mind. If it is efficient and discreet, the aggregator sometimes lacks a bit of readability. Other solutions exist. Here is an effective and light tool to not miss anything from your feeds: Feeder . Available in Chrome and Safari, it should soon be adapted for Firefox. All your feeds in one click Feeder is a Google Chrome extension, so it downloads in seconds through the Chrome Web Store. Installation is just as fast. Once installed, you will have to repatriate your RSS feeds on feeder. If you import your Google reader feeds, this is done in a few seconds via the options menu. You can also add feeds manually by entering the URLs of the sites you want to follow, or of course import an OPML file.

All Your Feeds in One Click


Adding new RSS feeds while browsing couldn’t be easier. Feeder automatically detects them and in 1 click you subscribe to them Once your feeds are added, the aggregator will instantly notify you when content is published on your favorite sites. Notifications are shown directly on your Israel WhatsApp Number browser and by hovering the mouse over the icon , a drop-down menu gives details of new publications. By clicking on the link of the site that interests you, you will then have access to all the new publications displayed in chronological order. A great alternative to Google reader The ergonomics are as simple as they are practical, and the options are numerous.

A Great Alternative to Google Reader

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You will be able to choose the refresh rate and the number of new publications to display. A word of advice, however: do not activate the display of global notifications, multiple Chrome information “bubbles” appear in the browser and make navigation difficult. It is also advisable to disable “Skimlinks” which add affiliate links to articles that refer to products or services. To help the developer, make a small donation instead. In use, the tool is indeed very practical, especially for reading its most important flows. Google reader is perfect for archiving them all, but Feeder allows you to check the publication of new information in real time and in one click. If you are an attentive “watchman”, there is no doubt that this extension will delight you. A good way not to miss a single post published on the Moderator’s blog.

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