And the Best Work Motivational Slogan Is…

You were asked in September to imagine the slogan for your return to school . You had been more than 5000 to participate by proposing a motivation sentence. Jean-Noël Chain treuil , Director Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List of Operations at and Collection Director at Julien Cotte . Director of Recruitment and Internal Mobility at CGI Sébastien . Employer Brand Manager at Disneyland Paris Charlotte Garnier. School Relations and Partnerships Manager at  Communications. Director at Regions Job The voting period has just ended, so we know the big winner of the trip to New York! More than 6000 votes were collected.

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The public chose to crown Sylvie with her slogan “ Hire me, I’ll explain why! “ , which had been supported by Julien Cotte. This proposal received nearly 3,000 votes. In second position, we find the little sentence of Cyrielle (or rather of Lenin, so she could not have won the competition) ” Where there is a will, there is a way “, with 832 votes, then ” Towards the future and beyond! by Frederic. Congratulations Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List to them for these places of honor. Thank you all for your participation and see you very soon for a new contest! And a big thank you to our partner Kon test for the technical solution of the contest.

Find the Little Sentence of Cyrielle

Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List
Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List


The two video game giants, Microsoft and Sony, launched their new “Next gen” consoles a few days apart: the PS4 and the Xbox One. Eagerly awaited by all players, this launch generated impressive sales figures since more than a million of each console would have already been sold… the first day of sale. But the launch was also the occasion of an intense communication campaign on social networks. A model Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List of its kind of which here are the best moments, but also the best recoveries by the brands.

In the first place, the countdown begins The expectation was immense on the part of the players a few days before the launch of the consoles.  Then, Miscrosoft took the opportunity to set up a particularly well seen storytelling around this expectation. Sony, more sober, was content with a very classic countdown. The announcement of the respective releases provokes an impressive engagement on the posts posted on Facebook by the two brands.

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