Anonymity on the Chinese Web Is Over

China and freedom of expression do not mix. You just have to stop for a few seconds on this map. Published by the Reporters Without Borders association, to realize it.

The Middle Empire overflows with imagination to stand out and monopolize the first place of the least libertarian countries… Forsilence its dissidents protect its fellow citizens, the Chinese government has indeed decided to purely. And simply remove anonymity on social networks and on the web in general. From now on, to register on the Weibo micro-blogging site (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter), you will have to show your credentials by providing your identity card number; an effective measure to ensure the surnames and first names of the new registrant.

China and Freedom of Expression


To clearly authenticate the member, he must now indicate his telephone number. In order to receive a confirmation code. In reality, the Chinese government has decided to Lebanon WhatsApp Number extend this obligation. It was already effective in five major cities of the country since March 16 . China, via the official Xinhua news agency, considers it a “ necessary” measure , as “ weak internet legislation has led to serious problems related to information security” .

The government explains that ” people use the Internet to encroach on the rights and interests of the nation” , and that this measure makes it possible to meet ” the expectations of the population” . Note that social networks are not the only ones affected by this measure. We are in December, the race for Christmas is officially launched.

Enemies of the Internet

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