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To explain a project, present a concept or ask for an opinion, professionals have many tools at their disposal. Email remains one of the most used tools. Because it allows you to detail your point to several recipients. But the telephone is often preferred for quick requests as is instant messaging. Sometimes we want to go further the physical or virtual meeting is then essential. And a tool is likely El Salvador WhatsApp Number List to quickly impose itself in the business world: . It allows you to organize a teleconference for free, without registration, and without installation. A powerful service that saves time on professional projects. appear in appear. inis very easy to handle.

Top 10 of the Favorite Social Networks of the French


Go to the site, choose the name of your salon, and click on “create”. You just have to copy/paste the link of your teleconference and send it to your collaborators. You don’t need El Salvador WhatsApp Number List to register, you don’t need to install any software or browser extension, and the connection is secure (SSL encryption). It’s as simple as that. You converse of course thanks to the microphone of your computer, your webcam is used for the video, and you can send written messages. You can mute your camera or mic if you want, and even share your screen. Convenient for presenting a project! Everything is managed peer-to-peer, nothing is stored on appear. in’s servers.

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El Salvador WhatsApp Number List
El Salvador WhatsApp Number List


The Harris Interactive Institute has just published several rankings, which allow you to know the favorite sites of the French. Since 2010, the Net Observer observatory has been asking French Internet users to find out which sites they prefer. These rankings are therefore based on surveys of 5,701 to 18,176 people, depending on the category, carried out between September and December 2013. In total, more than 30,000 people were questioned, the quota method being respected to guarantee the El Salvador WhatsApp Number List representativeness of the Harris Interactive study.

Top 10 of the favorite social networks of the French First ranking and not least: the top 10 favorite social networks of the French. And unsurprisingly, it is Facebook that prances in the lead, with 66.9% of the vote. YouTube (10.1%) and Skype (3%) are part of this ranking, although their belonging to the social network category is not obvious. Twitter thus ranks third with 4.3% of the vote, Google+ is fifth with 2% of the vote.

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