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If the Supervisory Yuan is abolished and all powers are highly concentrated in the legislators. The legislators will have a lot of business and great power. Voters and elections, legislators are also human beings. From the data changes, after pure online banking has been operating in Taiwan for 9 months. The choice of banking services has become clearer and clearer. how about you? Will you consider applying for a pure online banking account? Picture 8 Responsible editor: Xu Qiaoli Reviewing editor: Huang Wenjie.

When the society is more and

more complex and the population is large, direct democracy is too inefficient, so we need to elect the chief executive (the president and local heads) to Norway Phone Number organize professional civil servants (hard-working public servants) to do things (executive power), and public resources ( Taxes and budgets) and another group of deputies (members and legislators) are elected for deliberation. It’s just that the executive can’t always be vigilant.

The legislature can check and

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balance the executive’s tyranny through annual budget review, but it is not urgent, and it can only spur political officials, not professional civil servants. . Furthermore, every election is a battleground for a power game – to please voters. Most of the voters do not have professional knowledge and a long-term vision of social development.

Including the support of various interest groups, so let the legislators have the power of supervision and audit, no one can check and balance. Under the competition between the supervisory power and the legislative power, the government system in our country does not have a system of checks and balances between the participation and the House of Representatives.

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