April Fool’s Day: 10 Pc Joke Ideas

The years go by and look alike: the first of April is approaching and you don’t always know what jokes you are going to be able to play with your friends or your colleagues. We share a selection of the best April Fools every year , but unfortunately not all of them are feasible. To help you prepare for this day as it should, we have selected ten prank ideas to trick your friends, on a computer and on social networks. Social media jokes Make it look like a celebrity mentioned you on Twitter On Twitter, being mentioned by a celebrity is not common…

Still, you can trick your friends into believing that a famous person has mentioned you by using a fake tweet generator . The result is nice and above all faithful to the micro-blogging site. The only limit? Your imagination! Create Fake Facebook Status In the same vein, you can create a fake Facebook status thanks to The Wall Machine.

Social Media Jokes


All you need is a Facebook login to use the tool and you can choose not to reveal your activity to your friends by using the “ Me only ” privacy setting. The only drawback compared to the service to create fake tweets, this time you will have to add the account image yourself. But the service Benin WhatsApp Number is effective and allows you to create fake publications that are more real than life! The advantage is that you can generate a post, a new friendship, an added photo, a change in love status, a “Like” activity or an event. A complete tool! Make a friend believe what you want on Facebook You can perform many jokes on Facebook .

What would you say to making a friend believe that he is the most popular person on the network, or on the contrary the most hated? In fact, Facebook automatically redirects a user to his status if the profile address is wrong.

Create Fake Facebook Status

Benin WhatsApp Number
Benin WhatsApp Number


To go further, do not hesitate to consult our article: 5 jokes to make on Facebook . Enough to trap your friends as it should be for the first of April! Changing social media account settings If you can get access to a friend’s computer, you can change some settings on Facebook, Twitter or even Google+! On Facebook , for example, it is possible to change the level of confidentiality of the next statuses. By setting it to “Me only”, your friend will be the only one to see their own posts.

Your friend should notice it pretty quickly though, because Facebook now clearly indicates when a post is shared with this setting. On Twitter , you can make your friend’s account private! Just check the “Protect my tweets” box in Account Settings . Thus, people who do not follow him will not see his tweets and your friend will have to manually validate each follow! On Google+ , it is possible to receive notifications by email for more or less all the actions carried out on the network.

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