Arte Launches “a Counter-history of the Internet”

The history of the Internet has been written for nearly 40 years with a long process of scientific experimentation. Closely linked to the development of computer research. Technology and culture have evolved together to create the web as we know it today. To know this history is to understand the foundations of the internet. In this spirit, the Franco-German channel ARTE will broadcast. On May 14 a documentary called ” A counter-history of the Internet ” returning to the founding principles of the network of networks.

And the divide that exists today between rights holders, governments and Internet users. We speak in particular of illegal downloading but also of freedom of expression. Which censorship on the Internet endangers in certain countries. Decried as an area of ​​lawlessness, the Internet is in danger when net neutrality is not respected. Or when the use of DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) is on everyone’s lips.

The History of the Internet


ARTE documentary will feature internet pioneers such as Vinton Cerf(one of the creators of the TCP/IP protocol), Rick Falvinge (activist and founder of the Swedish Pirate Party) or even the controversial Julian Assange (founder of Wikileaks). For the occasion, ARTE will develop a system on the web with the site which will bring together video testimonials from Internet users around Belgium WhatsApp Number the highlights that have forged the Internet.

After May 14, users will be able to propose their own areas of reflection for personalized navigation, specifies ARTE. Do not hesitate to participate .Are you a Game of Thrones fan? But also social networks? You should therefore particularly appreciate the work done by College Humor , which has had fun representing the main sites and social networks through coats of arms inspired by the cult series.

Franco German Channel Arte

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For each of them, you will be entitled to an emblem but also to a small representative phrase. “ We are feeling lucky ” for Google, “ Everyone you hate ” for Facebook or even “ Time lost, wisdom gained ” for Wikipedia. There are other ideas to find, it’s up to you! And if you want to extend the experience by making your own Game of Thrones coat of arms, there is, as often, a generator for that .

Enter the name of your house, its motto, choose your logo and the result will be just a click away. What to wait until the next episode, the end of the season is not for now… And if you want to cultivate yourself a little, you can also read our complete file on the digital strategy of Game of Thrones , whether on the HBO sites or on social networks. Good discovery .

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