Arte Launches Bits, the Magazine of Geek Cultures

Understanding geek culture is not always easy. Did you think your colleagues were at the beach on September 17, when they put down an RTT? Think again, they were necessarily in front of their console to travel the endless streets of the new Grand Theft Auto. If you do not really understand this type of behavior, the initiative of Arte should please you. Arte has just broadcast the first episode of a new magazine: Bits . His goal: to decipher geek culture, or rather geek cultures. Every Wednesday, you can discover a new facet. The sequence lasts less than 10 minutes and allows you to put a phenomenon into perspective. This week, Arte took an interest in Grand Theft Auto . The most anticipated game of the year is a hit on console, and many are waiting for its PC adaptation.

Arte Took an Interest in Grand Theft Auto


But what’s so addictive about GTA? Marcus, animator for Game One and Nolife, Pierre Gaultier, freelance journalist, but also Doctor Tourès, child psychiatrist, give their point of view on the question. Eclectic visions, therefore, which make it possible to better understand Vietnam WhatsApp Number List the different aspects of the game… and to break down some prejudices. Each week, Bits magazine will decipher a phenomenon of geek culture based on current events. You can watch the first episode on the magazine’s dedicated website . To go further, you can also watch one of the 35 bonuses from episode 1. You will simply have to pass a game of Tetris beforehand. Fans of the game will appreciate. Microsoft Excel is arguably the most complex software in the Microsoft Office suite.

Arte Has Just Broadcast

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