Articles of the Week: Bitstrips, Snapchat and the Fight Against Spoilers

Thanks god, it’s Friday! For many, the week has been short; November 11 obliges. The coming weekend may seem just as short, with public holidays aplenty these days. Anyway, we obviously selected the articles that marked us this week. On the program: a fiery debate on Google+, a rant against spoilers, and the unthinkable auction between Facebook and Google to buy Snapchat. Happy reading and have a nice weekend! The debate of the week: Google+, for or against? This week, Frédéric Pereira presented 5 reasons South Korea WhatsApp Number List to create an account on Google+.

An interesting educational article, which has triggered the ire of some Internet users. Some agree, some don’t, some comments are relevant, some are not. Judge by yourself ! The fight of the week: to finish with the spoilers “You will see, the last season is excellent! And actually at the end…” Ah, the spoilers. A whole story. We’ve all come across one somewhere.  Divulging information about a series or a movie. because he can’t help himself or he’s just dazed.

The Fight of the Week: to Finish With the Spoilers


Hugo Clery denounces these practices: we say thank you! Tip of the week: perfect timing on Facebook This is the daily life of community managers: how to publish South Korea WhatsApp Number List the right message, at the right time, to the right people? Matthieu Dixte presents 5 tips to get closer to the perfect publication. Analysis of engagement rates, identification of prime-time opportunities, typology… Anything goes! The bubble of the week: Snapchat between Facebook and Google Will the bubble eventually burst?

Back on a meteoric trend that invaded Facebook timelines this week. The facelift of the week: Google+ is improving As you may have noticed, Facebook profiles and pages have undergone a small overhaul this week. The size of the covers has been reduced, and the layout of the header has changed slightly.

Tip of the Week: Perfect Timing on Facebook

South Korea WhatsApp Number List
South Korea WhatsApp Number List


Discover the other Google+ news of the week on the Fredzone, in web version and on the mobile application. The patent of the week: a scary Motorola tattoo In English in the text, The Telegraph has spotted a rather particular patent. Filed by Motorola, it describes an interactive tattoo, which the user could wear on the neck, which makes it possible to “facilitate conversations in noisy environments, while identifying lies”. Scary ! Viewpoint of the week the foreclosure of web services Every day. Thousands of South Korea WhatsApp Number List websites are created, thousands of accounts are created on social media and thousands of web services are created.

However, today we are witnessing a gradual closure of web tools on themselves, with the emergence of service ecosystems. Olivier Ertzcheid brilliantly describes this phenomenon. The desolation of the week: deforestation since the year 2000 This is an initiative proposed by Doctor Matthew Hanson of the University of Maryland in collaboration with Google. T

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