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As every week, we share with you the articles, presentations, and ideas that we particularly appreciated. On the program today: social TV, an AB test method on Facebook, or “low cost” marketing ideas. Happy reading, and have a nice weekend! Video of the week: Coca-Cola Social media Estonia WhatsApp Number List guard Do you spend your life glued to your phone? Coca-Cola thought of you with its “social media guard” which protects you from the invasion of social networks in your social life.

A parody obviously, but which could really be useful. Social TV on Vine and Instagram vine-tumblr blog presents a dossier on social TV on vine and Instagram. A researched and well-documented article on the subject. Not to be missed if you are interested in the links between television, cinema and social media. Tip of the Week: An A/B Testing Method for Facebook Pages.

Video of the Week: Coca-cola Social Media Guard


How do you know if a Facebook post will work? Eternal question, especially when you know little about your community. To test its publication, it is nevertheless possible to segment its audience. This A/B testing could be useful to you! Advertisement of the week: DHL trolls its competitors The DHL carrier had a brilliant idea to advertise itself by trolling its competitors. They had Estonia WhatsApp Number List boxes delivered Estonia WhatsApp Number List with a clear message to promote the speed of DHL.

Funny and brilliant! Figure of the week: an executive spends 16 years of his life in meetings meeting Meeting it is is a common ailment in many companies. Especially for managerial positions. Result: an executive spends about 16 years of his life in meetings. Yes, it’s huge. The point of view of the week: by Hugues , boss of For the past few days, we have been hearing about French Tech all the way. Some see it as a vision of the France of tomorrow, boosted by the digital economy.

Advertisement of the Week: Dhl Trolls Its Competitors

Estonia WhatsApp Number List
Estonia WhatsApp Number List


But are we not forgetting the essential? Does Paris take into account the reality on the ground and in the regions? Hugues Meili, boss of the Niji company in Rennes, seriously doubts it. The initiative of the week: private emails against burnout burnout Blackberry private between 6:15 p.m. and 7 a.m. This is the initiative taken by Volkswagen to fight against the overwork of its employees. Big Browser also cites Estonia WhatsApp Number List other digital detox practices, such as taking these ancillary tasks into account in employees’ working time.

In the first place, Presentation of the week: 24 good “low cost” marketing ideas The Uzful agency has just published a presentation for professionals which brings together the best “low cost” marketing operations. A fine demonstration that with a little creativity, effective operations can be set up. The presentation is really nice, with an offbeat tone that changes from the very austere Slide shares. Low-cost marketing: 24 ideas to boost your business from Related topics: Blog life Share the article Post a comment

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