Articles of the week: Internet map, small papers, Evian and Valentine’s Day…

Like every Friday, here is a little tour of the web news of the week. With a very special thought for the blogger , under the spotlight and the law… for having known how to use Google. Also discover the excellent Doodle of the day and the Evian Share the love operation. The Tumblr of the week: Let the small papers do the talking LPPP The Tumblr takes the title of the famous song and twists it in a very original way! Just take a brand name and modify it with little scribbled papers. Some creations are downright Honduras WhatsApp Number List awesome. The scandal of the week condemned…

The blogger Blue touff alias Olivier Laurelli is well known in the web sphere. The blogger was fined 3,000 euros for data theft. His only fault: having downloaded public data from Google. The story of the trial and the total incomprehension of the world of the web by justice is staggering. To read. Doodle of the week doodle-jo The Sochi Olympics highlighted the Russian government’s repressive policy towards gays and lesbians.

Let the Small Papers Do the Talking


Google thumbs its nose at the Russian government with this very committed special Olympics Doodle. Map of the week: Internet map map of the internet Made by a young student, this map perfectly represents the map of the Internet. Note the work of titan, and a sacred precision Honduras WhatsApp Number List to achieve such a result. You can even support the artist by buying the card, a great geeky gift! Tip of the week: reset your Chrome settings chrome-128You wanted to install VLC, Adobe reader or Gimp from a site specializing in downloads. Bad surprise, since your browser sends you to bad pages.

Google is well aware of the problem and now offers you to restore the browser settings to their defaults. A great idea. Sometimes considered intrusive and less efficient than other assistants, Bixby is struggling to convince Samsung users.

The Tumblr of the Week the Scandal of the Week

Honduras WhatsApp Number List
Honduras WhatsApp Number List


In addition, it is activated via the same side button as the one dedicated to locking. If you want to deactivate the feature, here are the different steps to follow: Open the quick Honduras WhatsApp Number List settings menu (scroll down once to view your notifications, then scroll down a second time to access it), Press the power button icon, Click Side Key Settings , Select Power off menu from the Press and hold category . Once you’ve done this, you should no longer be bothered by Bixby pressing your side lock button.

Disable “Hi Bixby” option Similar to “Ok Google” or “Hey Siri”, the voice command “Hi Bixby” to call it is also deactivable. To prevent the voice assistant from triggering on its own or by accident, here are the settings to change: Open the pre-installed Bixby app on your Samsung device, Click on the burger menu (3 superimposed lines) located at the top left, Tap the settings icon, located at the top right of the side menu, Choose the Voice wake-up option and turn it off.

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