Articles of the Week: Netflix, Bitcoins, Gamyo Racing and Burger King

It’s time for the weekly meeting: that of the selection of articles published on the blogosphere. This week, a wind of hope swept through France, with the possible arrival of Netflix in 2014. Also discover a great car game for smartphone and tablet and a great com’ op by Burger King. Have a nice week end ! Bitcoin: the warning from the Banque de France bitcoin THE BUBBLE OF THE WEEK – It keeps inflating, will it eventually explode? As the phenomenon is not always easy to understand, the Banque de France has published a document which presents bitcoins and warns against virtual currency. A few pages to read carefully if you are interested in bitcoins.

Bitcoin: the Warning From the Banque De France


The next generation of USB connectors will be reversible usb-reversible THE GOOD NEWS OF THE WEEK – This is a revolution. Really. You will soon be able to plug your USB drives in both directions. It’s just beautiful, we really wonder why the USB Promoter Group didn’t think of it sooner. The transfer rates of this new generation of USB 3.1 ports will be around 10 Gb/s, enough to fill a hard drive Pakistan WhatsApp Number List in a few minutes. We look forward ! Gamyo Racing GAME OF THE WEEK – 12 different tracks, hidden ramps, excellent multiplayer games where you can beat your friends, online challenges to unlock new cars. Gamyo Racing is obviously THE free game of the week, for mobile and tablet. Netflix in France? 20 key figures about the Reed Hastings company netflix home THE FIGURES OF THE WEEK – Netflix is ​​THE number 1 video on demand service on the Internet. In fact, its only downside is that it is not available in France… For the moment.

The Next Generation of Usb Connectors Will Be Reversible

Pakistan WhatsApp Number List
Pakistan WhatsApp Number List


The leaders of Netflix were indeed received at the Élysée this week, and an arrival in France in 2014 is becoming clearer. Here are the key figures of the web service to better understand Netflix. Burger King bans its Facebook fans who prefer the Big Mac burger king THE OPERATION OF THE WEEK – Thanks to Burger King, we learn that some prefer the Big Mac to the Whopper. A funny idea, but hey… Burger King Norway has decided to strike hard, by offering its fans the choice between: remaining a Burger King fan and receiving a free Big Mac. Result of the operation: a fan base divided by 4, and an engagement rate multiplied by 5. Would you dare to do this on your Facebook page? Marc Rougier: curation or how to “inhabit the web” VIDEO OF THE WEEK – “Curation”. The word probably means something to you (not to be confused with text scraping of course). To better understand this notion, Jérôme Deiss interviewed Marc Rougier, founder of Nice !

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