Articles of the Week: Innovation, Toolbars and Ces 2014

Like every week, we have selected a few articles found here and there on the blogosphere. Bloggers have finally returned from vacation and the holiday season has allowed them to take stock of many topics. Taking a step back is sometimes necessary, and some have understood this well at the Latvia WhatsApp Number List start of the year. Have a nice week end ! Word of the week: Innovation innovation-mry Emery Doligé reviews innovation: does supply create demand or does demand create supply?

Do companies think about consumer needs before creating a product, or do they create a product hoping that it will create a desire? A timely ticket, after a week marked by the CES in Las Vegas. Crowdfunding of the week: Outside of the Darkness outside-darkness Outside of the Darkness is a project for which you can contribute on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank. Aref has been taking black & white photos of Paris for many years. He wants to share his work in a book and postcards.

Word of the Week: Innovation


He has already injected 3000€ into this project, your contribution would be welcome! The point of view of the week: bullshit ideas jean-jacques. These days, bullshit ideas are legion. And all these stories are obviously found on our timelines, on Facebook and on Twitter… The points Latvia WhatsApp Number List of view are unpacked in the public square, probably a little too much. Rue89 uses a very well thought out illustration, which is suitable for the current period and for family meals. File of the week: the strange business of toolbars. toolbarThey are called Ask, Babylon or My Search Dial . A second of inattention during the installation of software is sometimes enough to transform your favorite browser from A to Z. But who hides behind these toolbars? Who are they ? What are their networks?

Crowdfunding of the Week

Latvia WhatsApp Number List
Latvia WhatsApp Number List


A very instructive file proposed by PCWorld. The list of the week: 10 things to avoid on the Internet spam-twitterIn 2014, did you think the internet was going to change? Well no, invitations to Facebook games are still there, unsubscribing from a newsletter is still an obstacle course and captchas Latvia WhatsApp Number List have never been so unreadable. Matthieu Flex paints a portrait of the 10 things to avoid on the Internet, for a better Internet. The rant of the week: reposting, by .

On his blog, Cyril Rimbaud details the obstacle course to find a source on the Internet. Because authors love to use content without sourcing it. This nasty defect causes redundant articles, shared everywhere on social networks, while the source is sometimes more than 6 months old. Heartbreaking. Video of the week. 70 Dunkirks and 15 days of filming were needed to make the video. Kudos to them! Related topics: Blog life Share the article Post a comment The best productivity tools Swiss Transfer logo Swiss Transfer Free A secure tool to transfer your heavy files Discover.

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