As the first brother of Hong Kong film, he recently co-starred with

In addition to sitting on the “runner-up” throne of the 100 Best Chinese Films of the Hong Kong Film Awards Association, Fa Ge started from the small Island. And then became popular all over the Chinese world, and even sold it to the extremely exclusive South Korea entertainment market. The studio also reshot the Korean version of “The True Color of Heroes”

By the mid- he had participated in nearly 70 commercial films, including “God of Gamblers”, “Autumn Fairy Tale”, “A Lang’s Tale”, “Blood”, “Across the World” and “Peace Hotel” Waiting for the famous hair brother. The well-deserved box-office guarantee allowed him to set foot in the  and cast, co-starring with top Hollywood stars, and won the Best Asian Actor Award for many times, and was also awarded the title of  and television industry. The number one shooter in Asia. At that time, the Los Angeles Times in the United States also specially named Fa Ge “the coolest actor on earth”.

Best Asian Actor by the Japanese film

After the millennium, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End), “Golden Armor”, etc. The large-scale movie made with a lot of money has made Fage’s status in the film Morocco Phone Number industry once again improved, and he has squeezed into the forest of international powerful superstars. (Li Mubai and Yu Jiaolong, one old and one young, rationality and sensibility, desire for life and desire for love… This is another movie viewing experience. It should be written down in two thousand words, haha.

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American film industry with big pomp

younger generations in “Let the Bullets Fly”, “Gambling in the Country” series, “Cold War” and “Unparalleled”. , but the more mature in Fa Ge’s play. And for the audience, seeing the appearance of Fage’s signature smile. There is an inexplicable sense of trust and security (I raise my hand first.)It is worth mentioning that, focusing , he has won the Best Actor laurel at the Hong Kong Film Awards for three times, the best actor of the two Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, and the fat brother of the actor of the Asia Pacific Film Festival. There is also a professional photographer underneath. He loves the Pentax 645D and has held many personal photography exhibitions.

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