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The structure of the content on your site is vital for SEO copywriting. If your content has a clear structure, you have more chances to position yourself well in Google. It really pays to think about the structure of your article before you start. Because the structure is the skeleton of your text: it will help the reader to understand the main points of the article. Posts and pages with a clear structure will also lead to higher conversions on your website. Your visitors are more likely to buy your products or return to your website if they understand your message correctly. For practical tips on setting up an article structure, you can read How to Create a Clear Blog Post Structure . Writing your content SEO copywriting: write Now you can start the actual SEO copywriting process!

This only takes about 20% of the total time you spend on your article. Write, write, write The most important tip for this SEO copywriting phase is to just write. People often have trouble finding the first sentence (or first paragraph). But, at this stage, you can skip writing that first paragraph entirely. Simply write a couple of words Singapore Phone Number that refer to the content your first paragraph should contain and start writing the second paragraph. Beginnings and endings are easier to write once you’ve developed the main body of your post. If a sentence isn’t grammatically correct or sounds awkward, move on and don’t worry about it yet. You can rewrite these things in the next phase, which is editing. In the writing phase, it’s important to stay in the flow and cadence of your writing.

Check the Structure of the Text

Respect the structure of your text As you write, use the structure you created in the preparation phase as an outline and write the paragraphs according to that plan. Make sure to write clear and short paragraphs. Begin each paragraph with the most important sentence, then explain or elaborate on it. Your readers will be able to grasp the most important content of your article, simply by reading the first few sentences of your paragraphs. Make sure your text is legible Reading from a screen is hard, so if you want your readers to read your entire blog post, you need to make it easy to read. Posts that are nice and easy to read will result in more repeat visitors and a higher conversion rate.

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Most importantly, make sure your text is in the right tone for the audience you’re writing for. Use white space to make your texts visually digestible. Keep sentences short and separate your ideas with headings. Take one or several breaks SEO copywriting can be a pretty intense process. If you write for long periods of time, you will find that concentrating becomes more difficult. The exact time frame, however, will be different for each individual. If you find that your mind has begun to wander, that is the time to take a break. Even a minute’s break can be enough to get you back to writing with a fresh, renewed level of focus and creativity.

Focus on the Sentences

Try what works best for you. Editing your SEO copywriting SEO copywriting: editing Once you have finished writing your content, you will have the first draft of your article. This first draft is what you will improve in the final phase of seo writing. The final step will still take quite a bit of time. The editing phase is the phase of the SEO copywriting process in which you should “ cut the scissors ”. Don’t be afraid to throw things. You should read and reread and reread your post and correct awkward sentences, unclear sentences, and messy paragraph structures. Read slowly (and out loud) You can start this phase by reading your article slowly (and even out loud, this really helps).

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