Away From Keyboard the Pirate Bay Movie Available for Download

We recently unveiled on the blog the trailer for Away from Keyboard , the film about the founders of the download site The Pirate Bay. That’s it, the feature film is finally available for download after long months of waiting. The film, which saw the light of day thanks to donations from internet users on Kickstarter, has indeed been in production for almost 4 years! Directed by Swedish Simon Klose, the documentary traces the journey of the site’s founders: Fredrik Neij, , and Peter Sunde. The story focuses more particularly on their indictment for copyright infringement in 2009 which earned them several million dollars in fines and prison sentences. This judicial tussle will notably lead to the creation of the Pirate Party. To watch the film, several options are available to you.

Trailer for Away From Keyboard


The documentary is available (free of course) on YouTube , and on The Pirate Bay in torrent. If you want to help the producers of the film you can opt for paid streaming at the price of $10. Those nostalgic for the physical format can pre-order the DVD for $23 , with deliveries scheduled Georgia WhatsApp Number for the spring. Donations and pre-orders have already raised more than $32,118. Note also that the film is offered in Creative Commons format , so you can distribute it, remix it, use it or parody it as you see fit.Google is the most used search engine in the world. And by far ! According to Stat Counter , it represents no less than 90% of all queries, ahead of Bing and Yahoo. If the engine is sufficient on its own for most cases, many options are available to refine searches. Discover 25 tips for optimizing your queries, mastering Google Images and benefiting from all the features related to the Knowledge Graph.

Directed by Swedish Simon Klose

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