B-Side Actual Combat Cyprus Mobile Number

Purchasing quality inspection means that the company places a purchase order from the factory to purchase goods. The inspection can be in the form of on-site inspection, picture inspection, Cyprus Mobile Number video inspection, etc. There are generally two quality inspection modes: One is to arrange quality inspectors to go to the factory for quality inspection after the factory has finished production, and arrange to receive the goods after Cyprus Mobile Number passing the quality inspection; One is that after the factory has finished production, the company picks up the goods or the factory delivers them to the purchasing warehouse.

Purchasing Quality Inspection Cyprus Mobile Number

These two quality inspection modes generally depend on the form of the product, whether it has its own warehouse, and the company’s business. The following are the business flow charts of the two quality inspection processes. In this actual combat, we will analyze Cyprus Mobile Number based on the second quality inspection mode. We also call the second quality inspection process post- arrival quality inspection . The process in the red box is the function that this article focuses on. B-side actual combat: procurement quality inspection 2. Logic Analysis There are three important links in Cyprus Mobile Numbers quality inspection after arrival: generating quality inspection tasks, commodity warehouse quality inspection, and commodity warehouse receipt. Here is the system flowchart I drew: B-side actual combat: procurement quality inspection.

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Then arrange for a quality inspector. However, not all commodities require quality inspection. Cyprus Mobile Number For the commodities that require quality inspection by quality inspectors. The company will give the quality inspectors the next task to inform them of the location, time. And commodities that they need to inspect. This is a quality inspection task. Cyprus Mobile Number Therefore, after the arrival of the goods, we need to generate quality inspection tasks for each product according to the company’s regulations. And then the quality inspectors will receive the tasks and carry out quality inspection work.

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