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Let’s take a quick look at the three most common goals for websites and how companies use them to guide projects ranging from the initial planning stages to the final release of new content. Spiritual leader Companies that rely on content marketing to generate leads need to build online business awareness through thought leadership. Whether your business sells physical goods (like an e-commerce store) or knowledge (like a consultant or trainer), your website needs to build awareness and trust among your target audience. Thought leadership will rely heavily on blogs, videos, and other information-based content to educate your audience.

1. Use the right categories

The goal of thought leadership is to prove your worth to customers before they buy from you. If the goal of your website is to provide thought leadership, keep the following in mind: Keyword Architecture: Topic clusters: Blog Schedule: Internal Linking and SEO: Generate more leads All businesses need to maintain a steady flow of leads coming into their sales force to ensure the future success of their business. Inbound leads can come from a variety of sources, such as paid media, organic search traffic, or referrals. The two main business models that require a website to generate leads include consultants and brick-and-mortar businesses.

2. Make sure the information is correct contact information

Consultants need leads because they don’t sell brick-and-mortar products like e-commerce sites do, while brick-and-mortar businesses need leads because they serve markets based on geography. If the goal of your website is to generate leads, keep the following in mind: Integrated Thought Leadership: Add CTA on all pages: Focus on white papers and downloads: generate more sales Most online sites generate more sales, but this goal is critical for e-commerce stores and SaaS sites. The business models of these types of sites are focused on selling to consumers, so they must optimize their sites to ensure that qualified leads convert into paying customers.

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