But Where Does This Unbearable Sound Come From? Google Chrome Will Respond to You

This has probably happened to you before: you are on your browser and you have opened a multitude of tabs. When suddenly, sound emerges from nowhere and it is impossible to know from where. We then rely on the last tab opened, but this is not always the culprit.  The task is even more daunting when it comes to an auto play ad on a corner of a page you opened and instantly forgot about. In short, one of the first world problem smajor for any Internet user.

This Has Probably Happened to You Before


There are extensions for Chrome and Firefox, but none of them can quickly detect which tab the sound is coming from. A Chrome update could meet this expectation. Present Croatia WhatsApp Number in the latest version of Chromium , the open-source browser that Chrome is based on, the feature has found its way to the Canary Build. This version is the most experimental of all, it precedes the dev, beta and finally stable versions which come out at very specific intervals . Thanks to this update, an animation will play in the icons of each tab producing sound, allowing the user to detect it quickly. The information comes from a French developer who made a video to illustrate the feature.

A Chrome Update Could Meet

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While claiming that it only works for HTML5 videos (supported by Daily Motion, YouTube and Vimeo), The Next Web has gone further and ensures that it also works for all flash content, which is very popular on the web. It remains to be seen whether the update will be effective for the stable version. If so, it will take a few weeks, if not a few months. In the meantime, you can test the Canary Build ( Windows , Mac). Unlike the beta and dev versions, it is possible to use it alongside the stable version. Be careful however, the Canary Build is really experimental and does not necessarily contain features that will see the light of day in the final version. In this case, we hope so. Although, according to Life Hacker , it is not necessary to have more than 9 tabs open at the same time on your browser.

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