Can Suning’s O2o Service Be in Place Netherlands Phone Numbers

About to enter August, Suning has started to promote the 818 promotion activities again. A fierce battle with three years ago made Suning 818 famous and became another major promotion in the Netherlands Phone Numbers e-commerce industry after Tmall Double Eleven and  618. Under the fierce battle with  that year, the sales of Suning. soared rapidly. The only regret is that at that time, it lacked sufficient logistics capacity to match the sales volume. Therefore, Suning’s service shortcomings were exposed under Netherlands Phone Numbers the large sales volume. I wonder what will happen to 818 this year. Woolen cloth? The market focus has reversed, and O2O has become popular. For Suning, this year’s 818 is not just a promotional activity for itself.

The Prime Minister concluded Netherlands Phone Numbers

Under the Internet + advocated by the Prime Minister at the beginning of this year, whether it is traditional e-commerce or traditional retail, they are trying their best to explore With the correct Netherlands Phone Numbers attitude of retail O2O, Ali has become the largest shareholder of Intime, which has further sounded the clarion call for the landing of e-commerce. Dangdang is also planning a physical store, and the entire industry trend is developing in a direction favorable to Suning. In the economic situation symposium hosted Netherlands Phone Number by the Prime Minister not long ago, he directly asked Zhang Jindong how Suning was doing. After receiving positive answers such as 30% growth rate and stronger offline and online competitiveness, the Prime Minister concluded.

The Final Result Will Be Netherlands Phone Numbers

Netherlands Phone Numbers
Netherlands Phone Numbers

The entire O2O retail industry will also formulate according to the specific effects of Suning 818 corresponding Netherlands Phone Number market strategy. If the effect does not meet expectations, it is not just as simple as being slapped in the face. If it can exceed expectations, this is Suning O2O that can fully turn over. In fact, the number of 818 sales this year is Netherlands Phone Number no longer so important. Because the entire e-commerce market is relatively stable at present. And even the big promotion will not have the same doubling as three years ago. It is not enough to change the pattern of the existing e-commerce market.

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