Championship this season and also successfully represented

The group stage. Will be held from October 2022 to February 2023. A total of Each team will have 6 games in the group stage, and the representatives. Will definitely affect the schedule of P.LEAGUE+. Of course. It is possible to avoid it. Of course but are the players overloaded. With the schedules of both events. Or will they be divided into two teams as rumor outside. However. This is bound to affect the rights and interests of fans. The Southeast Asian Professional Basketball. League (ABL) is also in the stage of rematch due to the slowdown of the global epidemic. When the game was suspended. Taishin Dreamers and Taipei Fubon. Warriors still had contracts in place, and the regular season also began in October.

At that time if the rematch is really successful

I believe it will be a very troublesome situation for the two teams. The league may have to find out the best solution to this matter this year. How to arrange the schedule can benefit the fans and other teams.  The next Kenya Phone Number List step is the management of the group. Reinforcement on the ground. Territorialism re-escalated. It must be admitted. That Taiwan is narrow and densely populated, and it is extremely convenient to reach every city. It cannot have a strong centripetal force to its own city or state like the United States. The fan model of Taiwanese basketball is still more humanistic in chasing star players. Rather than supporting the localism in the city where they are located.


The author believes that the Hsinchu County

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Gymnasium, which won the best home stadium of the year, must be an excellent example. The management is obvious to all, and the Roar Legion really lives up to its name. The teams located in Taipei. New Taipei. Taoyuan Taichung and Kaohsiung are worthy of reference to the. Hsinchu Siege Lions. They have greater potential in the fan market in the municipalities directly under the Central Government. It depends on whether the marketing management of each team can bring Taiwan fans to the forefront. To territorialism, to attract fans with its own team culture and to promote urban economic development. Homegrown player development and foreign. Will use to find a balance Compared with T1 P.LEAGUE+ already has a better standard for

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