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but it can give you a first impression of which title has the most potential. Create more web content Not only can you update your old content, you can also create new content from the old content. You can turn some old eBooks into new articles. Have the option to create a curated post where you join a couple of your old posts on related topics. You can also add new forms of content like videos, podcasts, slides, and infographics to your best posts. These types of content help you get more leads or more traffic. How to find web content you want to update? Before you jump straight into the list of ideas to update your old blog posts for better SEO, you need to decide which posts are worth your time.

Use Google Search Console to identify the posts with the most significant traffic potential that you’re not already using. As an easy way to find them, you can use the following three aspects: A CTR of less than 1% A position that is between 1 and 30 A “high” impression rate (this will depend on the amount of traffic your blog usually receives) Do Austria Phone Number it Marketing CTR CTR The high impression rate tells you that there are many searches for this topic. Position between 1 and 30 means that your post is already ranked in a position where it is realistic to expect people to click on it. Low CTR tells you that you are not using the full potential of your post. A few simple updates can greatly increase traffic to this post.

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Also, keep in mind that most social networks are also powerful search engines. In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine just behind Google. If your post ranks well on Google and you’re already getting some search traffic, you might consider creating a YouTube video on this topic. This way you can get some of the search traffic that the same topic may be getting on YouTube. Conclusion on web content Updating the content involves a lot of work. However, if you do it right, you can gain a lot of traffic, trust, and branding by updating your blog posts. Make an informed and strategic decision about which blog posts to update and which updates to make.

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You can do the same with posts that are already getting traffic from social media. For example, if you take a look at the posts that get traffic from Pinterest. You might want to consider adding a new pin image to some of the posts that have already . Proven to respond well to your Pinterest audience! If you want to decide which of your blog posts deserve an update.  Google Analytics is the place to look for clues as to what web content you should start repurposing and publishing as new content. 1.5% while Walmart shares fell 1%, are under threat . And it is that as Amazon continues its conquest of the physical retail space, retail stores suffer from a dark picture: Amazon recently overtook Walmart as the world’s largest retailer outside of China. Amazon Retail’s strategy is clear: conquer every possible business vertical.

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However, the idea of ​​creating a network of large physical establishments is logical. While these spaces will have higher fixed costs, they will be able to attract a different, larger audience. It also allows consumers to touch and see products and even try on clothes. It is also true that in recent years traditional department stores have shown a decline in sales. For a long time these establishments helped bring consumers to shopping malls. But as e-commerce gains ground, restaurants and gyms are being turned to lure consumers into department stores. It’s clear that competition the size and technology of Amazon could pose a major threat to the big players in physical retail.

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