Christmas Wallpapers, Our Selection

Are you bored by your current wallpaper? Nothing serious, we have selected 25 Christmas-themed wallpapers for you. The ideal way to dress up your computer and brighten up your days. Smashing Magazine’s Christmas Wallpapers A site specializing in graphics, nothing better to get quality wallpapers! This year again, a Christmas-themed selection is out, and the originality is there. They are all available in several resolutions: from 1024*768 to 2560*1440 in general, you will find what you are looking for, whether your screen is in 4/3 or 16/9 format. Some even display a 320*480 resolution to adapt to your smartphone! You can also choose a wallpaper with or without a calendar, according to your wishes. We’ve chosen these few examples, but feel free to browse through the full list (more than thirty Christmas-themed wallpapers are available). A classic but nice wallpaper that gives the fishing! A minimalist wallpaper that leaves room for your icons.

Smashing Magazine’s Christmas Wallpapers


Ah, the friendship between Santa Claus and his reindeer, it’s beautiful! A Christmas wallpaper dedicated to developers. Not much to do with the holiday season, but this “Mayan calendar” themed wallpaper is a must! Because let’s face it, no one is sure to celebrate Christmas Malta WhatsApp Number this year! Its author could simply have stopped it on December 21, 2012 to stick 100% with its theme… Desktop Nexus, for many Christmas wallpapers The Desktop Nexus site offers many Christmas-themed wallpapers. You will sometimes have to browse a bit before finding the perfect wallpaper, but the site is worth the detour. All themes are represented, from minimalist wallpaper to disguised animals. So cute, the Christmas wallpaper for those who love cats. A more classic and fairly graphic wallpaper; but you have to like green. A cool Christmas-themed wallpaper that everyone will love, even your kids! Do you like animals, but not too much cats? Opt for the canine version! A cool Christmas themed wallpaper.

Vlad Studio, Graphic Wallpapers for Christmas

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Vlad studio, graphic wallpapers for Christmas The Vlad studio site offers quite a few wallpapers; but the quality is there. They also have the advantage of being available in many resolutions, as well as for smartphones, tablets, and multi-screen desktops (in paid version for these and certain formats). A volcano of gifts! This year, Santa Claus has found the solution to go faster! Abstract or more colorful Christmas wallpapers are available. On December 21, 2012, the invasion of the schizophrenic snowmen. Another solution to speed up the distribution of gifts! DeviantArt, Christmas wallpapers by graphic designers The DeviantArt site allows everyone to share their graphic creations. The site’s search engine makes it fairly easy to find good quality Christmas wallpapers, selecting only the most popular ones added in the last 30 days, for example. A pretty starry Christmas tree… A completely different style, which allows your desktop icons to find their place. A Christmas wallpaper that will suit children and adults alike! A minimalist and nice wallpaper representing a snowman and his beautiful scarf – and do not laugh, it is possible that Santa Claus will give you the same in a few days.

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