Comparison of Microsoft Surface Tablets Ipad Galaxy Note and Kindle Fire

It’s a real war that the tablet manufacturers are currently waging. If the iPad largely dominates the market since the emergence of this format, more and more competitors are vying for the title of champion. And this at all levels: in 10-inch format or equivalent, but also in 7-inch format. The recent release of the Google Nexus 7 tablet for less than 200 euros forced Apple to market an iPad Mini, cheaper than its big brother. On the 10-inch market, Microsoft is taking its place, with the release of the Surface tablet. Not to mention Samsung and its Galaxy Tab, but also the Galaxy Note. And let’s not forget the presence of Amazon, with the Kindle Fire.

the Emergence of This Format


Difficult to see clearly in this plethoric offer, especially when it comes to a first purchase. A tablet is an excellent product, addictive, which quickly turns out to be Sweden WhatsApp Number essential when you have it at home. But we still have to choose the model that suits us… The Tech Hive site has made a comparison of 4 10-inch tablets at comparable prices. We find all their technical characteristics there: storage, processor, camera, OS, weight… A good way to make an informed choice more easily. All that remains is to decide. Inseparable from our activity on the web, they can ruin our lives. There is nothing worse than having your accounts hacked, whether it’s your webmail or your Facebook account… However, there are still many people who use ridiculously simple passwords.

Difficult to See Clearly in This Plethoric Offer

Sweden WhatsApp Number
Sweden WhatsApp Number


Date of birth, name of his dog, azerty and other great classics are legion. And you don’t need to be a mentalist to find this information online on open profiles. In other words, by using a password that is too simple, any budding detective will be able to access your spaces without worry. To demonstrate this problem, the Splash Data site makes an annual list of the worst passwords. In other words, those that absolutely must not be used. The top 3 remains unchanged, but we are entitled to newcomers for the 2012 edition, like Jesus (US forces) or ninja. These are the most common passwords, and therefore the most often attempted by hackers, according to the site. If yours is on the list, you know what you have to do.

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