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To answer the question, we must first determine what a successful SEO strategy looks like to ensure that the measurements of the results are clear. And when it comes to putting together an SEO strategy, it’s common to define campaign goals and KPIs. Let’s break this down. Objectives = the end result you want to achieve KPI = Metrics that demonstrate progress towards your goals Both are important measures of success and, ultimately, results of your efforts. In general, the reality is that these objectives and KPIs can be like these: Objectives = Achieve an increase in income by a specified amount over a 12-month period. KPI = growth in organic traffic.

visibility, impressions or rankings. Of course, it’s about setting measurable but realistic goals. To answer this question, we will focus on the time it typically takes to see results on the main KPIs. You must be clear that the objectives are usually different for each company and change significantly depending on various factors. You should see results from your SEO strategy within 6 to 12 months Your SEO strategy should Slovenia Phone Number show results in a period of 6 to 12 months. By results, I mean a measurable increase in traffic and associated leads or conversions. This does not necessarily mean that you have achieved your goals. However any business that is investing in SEO should expect to be able to see progress within this time frame.

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It is impossible to give a figure that applies to all websites. The best thing you can do in an SEO strategy is to give a rough estimate based on the analysis of the current performance of a website and the proposed strategy. There is no way around the fact that SEO takes time. Google (and other search engines) want to display the best result for any given search query. And you need time to deserve the classification. Finally you have to get maximum visibility in searches. But with the right strategy in place, 6-12 months is long enough to see the impact of your SEO efforts and justify continued investment in growth. SEO report of your site Do you want to know how the SEO of your site is?

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Factors that determine the success of your SEO strategy To help you better understand how long it takes to see SEO success, let’s take a look at the factors that determine it. Age and history of your website A new domain is one of the key factors influencing how long it takes to see results from your SEO strategy. A new domain will almost always take longer to show success than an established one, since it hasn’t yet built up authority or gained backlinks. By comparison, an established domain will generally have gained at least some level of authority and some backlinks will be tied to it. A new domain should expect to see results within 9-12 months, rather than 6-12.

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However, with an established domain you will not necessarily have faster results. You may not see quick results if the domain has previously been affected by a penalty. You are also affected by a core algorithm update or have had SEO work that goes against Google’s webmaster guidelines . the competition Results can be seen much faster on low competition niches and low competition search queries. Are you trying to rank for a website for competitive personal finance keywords (eg “credit cards”)? It could take you 2 years or more to get prominent visibility on the first page of Google results. On the other hand, for local or less competitive keywords, promising results may show up within 3-6 months. You should consider the difficulty of the keywords. This is a percentage from 0 to 100.

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