Contest: Vote for Your Favorite Back-to-school Slogan

A few weeks ago, we offered you the first stage of a creative contest by asking you to imagine the slogan for your return to school . It inspired you, since you were nearly 5,000 to participate! The slogans were numerous and inventive, it was hard to choose… But our 5 members of the jury decided and each selected two proposals, which they defend for this second part of the competition. A trip to New York is up for grabs for whoever receives the most votes. And voters are not forgotten, since an iPad mini will be offered to one of the participants designated by a draw. To play, simply head over to the official contest page or play directly below. Choose the slogan you prefer and bring your voice to one of the selected participants.

Imagine the Slogan for Your Return to School


A draw will take place at the end of the game, scheduled for November 22, and the designated person will win an iPad Mini. The creator of the slogan with the most votes will win a trip for two to New York! So, which slogan corresponds the most to your return to school? Here are the proposals, followed by the game. A big thank you to our partner Kontest who provided us with the solution to  Thailand WhatsApp Number List set up the game. Good vote! The slogans chosen by Jean-Noël Chaintreuil , Operations Director at Digidust and Collection Director at Diateino. bWe presented to you a few days ago the second part of the results of our major survey on recruitment in France. After focusing on the daily job search , this time we interviewed more than 350 recruiters to learn more about their daily work .

Play Directly Below

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Thailand WhatsApp Number List


How are we recruiting in 2013? We asked them the question in order to better understand how job interviews take place, the selection of candidates or even what tools they use. The results are instructive, so we have prepared an infographic summarizing the main figures as a summary. We will learn in particular that job sites remain by far the most used tools (82%) ahead of unsolicited applications (68%). We will also discover the typical job interview: it lasts between 30 minutes and an hour and a half, brings together 5 candidates who pass individually and meet 3 different people from the company. It should also be noted that recruitment without a CV remains anecdotal (less than 4% often or systematically use it). These figures and many others are on this infographic, enjoy reading!

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