Create a Valentine’s Day Card Online

Ah, Valentine’s Day… The opportunity for everyone to declare their sincere and digital love. You can of course offer some gifts, like this beautiful rose. Or even make your own (we think in particular of these magnificent R2-D2 heels which will delight women with taste ). But that’s not all: it is quite possible to create your own Valentine’s Day greeting card online. We have selected for you 3 sites allowing you to make a free e-card online for this occasion… A virtual Valentine’s Day card with Cyber Cartes Very classic but wonderfully effective, the Cyber Cartes site allows you to create a virtual and animated card for Valentine’s Day. Everything happens online in seconds.

A Virtual Valentine’s Day Card With Cybercartes


If many models are available, from the fairy of love to the feast of lovers, it is not possible to directly personalize your greeting card. You can send it to your sweetheart by email or via Facebook. And it’s free, of course! However, it is possible to add the name of the sender, and that of the recipient(s) (yes, you can choose up to three valentines). The send date is customizable. A personalized Finland WhatsApp Number card for Valentine’s Day with Makeet Makeet has a major advantage: the tool allows you to create a personalized card for Valentine’s Day.

Choose from many templates, use your own photographs and modify the texts as you see fit! The service allows you to generate an e-card in your image, an attention that is sure to be appreciated! You can send your map by email, via Facebook, or save the generated file. And the number of recipients is not limited to 3 people.

A Personalized Card for Valentine’s Day With Makeet

Finland WhatsApp Number
Finland WhatsApp Number


The service will appeal to those wishing to personalize their Valentine’s Day greeting card. Unfortunately, the free version of the service does not allow creating an animated map. An animated e-card for Valentine’s Day with My Virtual Card The Ma Carte Virtuelle site allows you to create a virtual and animated e-card for Valentine’s Day. Some are very original and will surely please your other half. The tool works exactly on the same principle as Cyber Cartes: you choose your model, enter your name, that of the recipient(s), the date of dispatch, and that’s it.

Creating a Valentine’s Day greeting card has never been easier! On this site, it is also possible to hijack the event: a model proposes to shout her disenchantment for the lovers’ party . Useful for singles who love counter parties.

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