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What is inevitable is the generation of constant and relevant content. Let’s recap why updating your old content is a good idea if you’re looking for more traffic and blogging success. What can you gain by updating the content? improve your content Improve SEO and increase traffic Increase social media traffic Gain credibility and trust I think by now, you’ve already convinced yourself that updating at least some of your old content is a good idea. Now I share some ideas that you can implement to update your content, improve it and enable it to generate more traffic. Tactics to update your web content Check and update the facts You don’t want your audience to find incorrect information on your blog. Even if this one used to be true a couple of years ago.

Check your articles for incorrect or outdated information and rewrite the relevant paragraphs. If you recommended a tool that was deprecated, you can simply add an alternate tool that can still do what the original recommendation could do. Add new knowledge, tools or ideas Expand your content if it makes sense. This will also help you Argentina Phone Number increase the word count of your content, which in turn will help your content rank better in Google search. Do you need some ideas? If you wrote about 5 ways to automate social media and now you know 10 ways to automate social media, you can simply add the 5 new ideas. If you recommended 3 tools to help you create images for your blog and then found a new tool that you find even better, you might add that tool to your list.

Conclusion on Web Content

This can go as far as creating a new post as the second part of a previously well-received post. For example, you can write an article “5 More Ways to Automate Social Media (Part 2)”. Make sure to link the two posts. All of these additions can be done easily and will add a lot of value to your content without changing the original content much. Add new links to support web content Links are part of our content creation process. We link to internal and external content for additional information. Keeping these links up to date will also improve your content! Whenever we create new content, we consider which existing posts on our blog this content is connected to.

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From there, we add a link to that previous related post. What is often completely forgotten about is linking old content to new blog posts. When you think about updating your existing content, also think about linking some older pieces of content to newer content (and vice versa). Internal links are good for your audience as it provides them with additional information. But internal links also play an essential role in your SEO. By linking old content to new content, you can improve your SEO. external leagues The external links of your content are important. If you linked to an external page from a previous post, you could try finding a newer resource to link to in updated content.

Optimize Your Keywords

Outbound links are a ranking factor with Google. Adding newer and better resources can improve your search rankings. Also, some of your external links may be broken! It’s possible that the source you linked to a couple of years ago just doesn’t exist anymore. Dead or broken links will hurt your SEO ranking. You can find broken links on your blog or website with the help of some tools. Use the Broken Link Checker website to find broken links or use the Broken Link Checker Chrome Add-on . If you have broken links on your blog or website, look for new content that your content can link to and change the link in your blog post. Review comments: remove spam comments Comments are part of your blog’s first impression on your audience.

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