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The end of year celebrations are approaching! Unless an untimely end of the world or a zombie attack takes place, it is therefore time to take an interest in what we will do in our year 2013, and why not to create an annual calendar. The Internet is full of sites and tools to create your 2013 calendar for free, to personalize and print, or simply to consult online, to find out the dates of holidays for example. Here is a selection, so you don’t miss any important event of 2013! EDIT : our selection of sites to create a 2014 calendar for free has arrived! The calendar of vacations and public holidays 2013 To help you organize your weekends or your vacations, here is a calendar which indicates the public holidays for the year 2013, as well as the school holidays, as soon as they are known. It’s very simple, but can be very practical.

The Calendar of Vacations and Public Holidays 2013


Especially since the 2013 calendar is not the only one available: the site offers to view the dates until the year 2021. This leaves something to see coming… An easy-to-print monthly calendar This one shines with its simplicity! Month by month, you can indicate your tasks to do and daily Philippines WhatsApp Number appointments by clicking on the day you want to fill. To change the month, just click on the month shown at the top left, and you can change it. All the months of the year 2013 are already available. Then, click on “Print”, and your monthly calendar will be ready to be printed, in the correct format. Very convenient ! A 2013 calendar with cartoons Does your child (or yourself) love cartoons? You can concoct a calendar for him in the colors of his heroes with this site. Arthur and the Minimoys, Strawberry Shortcake, Dora the Explorer, Spiderman…

an Easy-to-print Monthly Calendar

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There’s something for everyone! Simply choose the design you want to insert into your calendar, and it’s ready to print! This will be an annual calendar, with all the months on one page. An annual calendar with a large photo This site allows you to create an annual calendar with the photo of your choice, in a single page. You can choose the format, the year (until 2020), a small caption, and the font. For each of these options, hovering the mouse over it is enough to get a preview of the result. Then, click on “Generate your free yearly photo calendar”, and voila! Your free calendar can be printed.

A daily, weekly or monthly calendar The last site in our selection is a little different. It allows you to create a calendar of your choice: day by day, week, or month. Closer to the agenda than to the calendar then! But very useful to display in front of your desk or on the fridge to summarize the appointments of the whole family. First choose the desired periodicity of your sheet, then the colors you prefer. Your calendar is ready to be printed, or simply downloaded to your computer. Other sites to create calendars for free await you in the Calendars category of the blog.

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