Data Visualization: a Cartography of Wikipedia Data

Big Data , Open Data, Data Mining, in recent times. Data has become enormously important both for organizations. But also for communities and users. To better understand their impact or just to have a clear modelling. We perform data visualization . Sometimes obscure, these representations often have a single aesthetic purpose. But coupled with the cartography, they become more concrete. Wikipedia has been the subject of many of these modelings. As well as its substantial database. A Quebec developer got down to the task of aggregating all articles referring to a place (city, country) . And modeling their links with other articles of the same type on a world map.

Big Data , Open Data, Data Mining


If you are Hong Kong WhatsApp Number interested, all of this data is available on the Geonames site , with a Google Maps map geolocating all the articles concerned. This can therefore concern events, public figures or even cultural products. The condition presence of geocoded data that can be transposed onto a map. Show map in new window The map therefore presents all these links and makes it possible to identify areas of density, often corresponding to heavily populated areas. On the contrary, mobile applications for smartphones and tablets are on the rise: the use of the latter jumped by 73.9% between December 2011 and December 2012.

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To better identify them, it is possible to visualize these links with a Google Maps layer and thus put a name on these places. The Wikipedia articles concerned being only English, France is not the most supplied. We can identify towns/places/monuments linked in particular to historical events. It is still surprising to notice that the smallest village has its Wikipedia page, even in English. It’s a small revolution: according to the AT Internet agency, individual website traffic fell overall for the first time in France in 2012 (it’s not about overall Internet traffic, which is increasing). At the same time, mobile applications are achieving audience records.

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