Delete Google Account After Death

Day after day, we leave traces on the Internet. In particular, we use many spaces that collect personal information: profiles on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Google account , etc. Managing your digital identity and the data associated with your online spaces on a daily basis is not always easy. But what happens to this data after death? Services offering dedicated features are still rare, but they are starting to grow. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network already offers memorial mode, to transform his Facebook profile after his death .

But Facebook isn’t the only service with which we share day-to-day data. And since it’s never too late to implement this kind of functionality, Google now offers an inactive account manager . A tool to know to choose what will happen to your digital data at the time of your death. To activate the feature, simply log in to your Google account, then configure the inactive account manager.

Share (or Not) Data With Your Relatives


. A good way to check that you definitely no longer have access to it. All you have to do is enter a telephone number (mandatory) or a secondary email address (optional). One month Austria WhatsApp Number List before the expiry of this period, you will be notified by telephone and/or via your secondary email address. Share (or not) data with your relatives: you can choose up to 10 relatives, who will be alerted once the time has expired.

You can also share a certain amount of information with them: you choose the products to share (emails stored on Gmail, documents on Google Drive, circles and other data on Google+, etc.). You must indicate the email address as well as the telephone number of each person chosen. Once the deadline has expired, Google will send the designated relatives an email (which you can personalize) to explain the procedure to follow. The Google Takeout service will likely be used to export the data.

Transform His Facebook Profile After His Death

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If you wish, you can also set up an automatic response on Gmail once your account is considered inactive. Delete Google account: last step, deleting your Google account. If you have authorized your relatives to recover some of your data, Google will of course wait for these actions to be carried out before deleting your account.  You are under no obligation to enable this deletion.

Google uses all the indicators in its possession to verify that your account is indeed inactive.  In any case, this is a good initiative by Google. Simple regret: it is not possible to choose the services closed when the deadline has expired. You can simply opt for the pure and simple deletion of your Google account… or leave your account as it is without anyone being able to administer it directly.

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