Digital Detox, Disconnecting When You Are Saturated With the Web

The Havas agency had already rewarded us a few months ago with a particularly interesting study on the France of the disconnected . this time it’s the Dagobert agency which examines the subject through a study of unconnected French people. They identify three types of non-Internet users: digital outsiders, victims of the digital divide who do not have access to the web or who do not know how to use it, digital worried, who fear for their personal information and are wary of the Big brother effect, and the digital detox, who have chosen to put an end to their online activities to reconnect with “real life”.

This last category is symptomatic of a growing phenomenon, hyper-connection fatigue. Be careful, no one is safe from joining them, as the Internet interferes in our lives… The study focuses mainly on digital detox, an interesting phenomenon that is starting to show up.

The Havas Agency Had Already Rewarded


By dint of being connected 24 hours a day at work, at home, on our smartphones and tablets, the overflow can happen and the desire to no longer virtualize our Bahamas WhatsApp Number exchanges can be a logical consequence for many. Especially when you work in the sector… The digital detox are also, according to the study, CSP + aged 25 to 49 years. And they fully assume this disconnection, to the point of making it a way of life in its own right.

This non-conformism would even become a goodwill for certain brands, a marketing positioning. I let you read the rest of the study with this presentation, really fascinating. The subject should grow in the next few years, to be continued… Initially scheduled for March 15 , the permanent closure of the MSN Messenger instant messaging service takes place today. If the service no longer works, it is therefore not a bug but a migration to Skype.

The Study Focuses Mainly on Digital Detox

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Bahamas WhatsApp Number


Don’t panic, you keep all your contacts which are simply transferred to the Skype VoIP service. But there are many who are nostalgic for the service. The end of wizzes, emoticons, flirting via MSN which (let’s face it) rocked an entire generation… Microsoft has perfectly grasped the emotional issues around the end of its service and puts them in scene in a video full of humor. If you have been an avid user of the service, you will necessarily recognize yourself in these images, and there is a good chance that they will give you a giggle or two. Well seen on the part of Microsoft, which pushes the game to shoot the video on its own premises, and which demonstrates a self-mockery full of freshness. A good way to say goodbye to service.

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