Digital Identity: the Importance of Being Proactive

Maintaining your digital identity also means maintaining your employability. In our recent Employment and Social Networks in France study. Googling candidates is a growing trend with 68% of recruiters doing it regularly. The goal is often to check if the information. On the CV is correct or if the candidate is active and relevant in his sector of activity. Your presence on the web can say a lot about your personality. And can thus influence the opinion of recruiters. It is therefore important to know what traces you leave through. Your different profiles on the web (social networks, but not only).

Being aware of this is a good thing, but we cannot advise you enough to take the first step: occupy the Google search results yourself by creating spaces in your image. It’s often better to have an established presence than to go out of your way to take down any content that may be relevant to you. If a proactive attitude is to be preferred, it is however necessary to think about what could best reflect your identity, both professional and personal. Your traces online are both an asset and a risk in terms of employability, so be sure to control your spaces and their content.

What Types of Sites Should You Choose to Build Your Presence?


It’s all about knowing which platforms to choose and how to use them. What types of sites should you choose to build your presence? There are several types of presence on the web, each of which can help legitimize your word as a professional, while keeping a human side. Professional social networks can serve as showcases of your skills, as long as your profile is complete and up-to-date. Generalist networks are often well referenced and allow you to highlight your professional background and your network. A good way for the recruiter to cross-check the information on your CV.

There are also networks more specific to certain sectors, such as Digikaa for web professionals, which fulfill the same role. Not to mention the sites offering the possibility of creating a CV. In these different cases, it should be quite quick to build your personal page. Multiplying the presences in this area will not necessarily be useful, however, it would provide redundant results and force you to update many spaces, In another vein, you can opt for an online ID card.

Maintaining Your Digital Identity

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Regions Job thus offers you aliaz , an entry point to your entire web presence as well as a way to enhance your image by personalizing your page in depth. Convenient for guiding those seeking to know more about you on the spaces you want to highlight. But also to communicate the address directly (by email, on the CV, on his business card) to contacts likely to do research on you. General public social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or even Google+ can be more or less useful for employability purposes.

Expressing yourself on your favorite subjects and reporting on your monitoring is part of this proactive approach which shows that, even when looking for a job, you follow the news in your sector of activity. This is essentially valid for Twitter and Google Plus. If your use is above all personal (as is often the case on Facebook for example), remember to set your privacy settings carefully so as not to reveal too much about your private life. Still with this objective of monitoring and curation, specialized services such as Scoop.

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