Do I (Still) Have to Check My Emails?

E-mails are now an inseparable tool of professional life. So much so that we would almost forget how we used to send documents to each other. When the exchanges were done by mail, we sent much less useless data. LOL videos, requests to find out which restaurant you’re going to have lunch at, or jokes between colleagues didn’t saturate your inbox. The concern is that this email-obesity is increasingly South Africa WhatsApp Number List harmful to productivity, and is even turning into a diktat. So, big question: do I have to check my emails? Here are several reasons not to open your mailbox and avoid spending the day on Outlook or Gmail. You checked your email less than 3 minutes ago You do not expect important emails You are with your family…

E-mails Are Now an Inseparable Tool


And you want to keep it (also walks with his friends) you are not at work You are in the middle of a procrastination cycle and are looking for an excuse not to really put in the work. You are on an urgent task and want to finish it Your mailbox is not the center of your life, you also have a social life IRL! This illustration answers this existential question with humor. But to be really effective, set aside South Africa WhatsApp Number List time slots to check your emails and respond to them. Opening your inbox to every incoming email is the best way to ruin your productivity. These tips also apply to social networks, which can quickly become time-consuming. Thanks god, it’s Friday! For many, the week has been short; November 11 obliges.

When the Exchanges Were Done by Mail

South Africa WhatsApp Number List
South Africa WhatsApp Number List


The coming weekend may seem just as short, with public holidays aplenty these days. Anyway, we obviously selected the articles that marked us this week. On the program: a fiery debate on Google+, a rant against spoilers, and the unthinkable auction between Facebook and Google to buy Snapchat. Happy reading and have a nice weekend. This week, Frédéric Pereira presented 5 reasons to South Africa WhatsApp Number List create an account on Google+. An interesting educational article, which has triggered the ire of some Internet users. Some agree, some don’t, some comments are relevant, some are not. Judge by yourself .“You will see, the last season is excellent! And actually at the end…” Ah, the spoilers. A whole story. We’ve all come across one somewhere, divulging information about a series or a movie, because he can’t help himself or he’s just dazed.

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