E-reputation: 3 Tools to Find Out Who Is Talking About Us on the Internet

Every day, a lot of information is added to websites and social networks. Some of them concern us directly. Our friends may add photos or texts when mentioning us on social media and Internet users may post sometimes private or sensitive information on their websites. To stay abreast of new data concerning us, there are several very practical free monitoring tools. Google Alerts This is arguably the most popular service.

Just go to the Google Alerts page to configure them. Please note that a Google account is not required. Create a Google Alert All you have to do is fill in your last name, first name and a few parameters. You can obtain all the results, or simply those present in the news, blogs, discussion forums… The frequency of receipt of alerts varies: with each new content, every day or every week.

Create a Google Alert


We advise to receive alerts daily, concerning all the results. You can receive them on your favorite mailbox or via an RSS feed. Manage Google Alerts Once created, you can manage your Google alerts via a dedicated interface. You can change the monitored terms, volume, frequency, and how  Honduras WhatsApp Number alerts are received. It is also possible to delete an entry and export its alerts in CSV format.

Mention Mention is a tool allowing you to carry out targeted monitoring of the keywords of your choice. Like Google Alerts, it lets you know when someone mentions us on the web. The service is available as a Windows application , for iPhone , Android , as an extension for Google Chrome , or directly on the website . Create a Mention Alert Once registered, you can create your first alert: the idea is therefore to stay on standby on your first and last name.

Manage Google Alerts

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Honduras WhatsApp Number


It is possible to add alternatives and stop words. Several sources are available: the web, Facebook, Twitter, news, blogs, videos, forums and images. You can exclude sites, and connect your favorite social networks.  It is possible to click on each result to display the related web page. The service also offers many statistics, to visualize the evolution of mentions.

This is often enough to know who talks about us on the web. You can receive a summary of mentions daily or weekly if you wish. Alerted Alerti is an interesting alternative to find out what is being said about us on the web. Enough to take care of your e-reputation! The tool scans the web, online press, blogs, forums, microblogs, social networks, photos and videos for you.

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