Easily Delete Social Media Accounts

The proliferation of social networks has meant that many of us find ourselves with accounts all over the web, and spaces that we don’t use or no longer use. Rather than multiplying useless presences and drowning out information about us on search engines, it may be a good idea to Austria B2B List clean up from time to time by deleting our useless accounts. Yes, but it’s not always that simple, sometimes it’s even an obstacle course. Unsubscribe or deletion links difficult to access, impossibility of contacting the site, complex procedure, etc. If you don’t want to spend hours looking for a solution to what should be done in a few clicks.  You can go through Just Delete Me .

The Proliferation of Social Networks


A site that had the excellent idea of ​​grouping links to pages to easily unsubscribe from most existing social media. We already introduced you to Account Killer, a site that allows Austria B2B List you to do the same thing, but Just Delete Me has a slightly friendlier interface.There is something for everyone. Note that you cannot completely unsubscribe from Wikipedia, WordPress.com or Pinterest… If you wish to unsubscribe from one of the sites in question, simply click on the name of the site.

One of the Sites in Question

Austria B2B List
Austria B2B List


In the first place, An extension for Google Chrome is even available. What if historical figures had had the Internet? This is the existential question that Laurent Desserrey asked himself in a hilarious Tumblr. From Marie Antoinette to Ray Charles via Napoleon, he imagines the usefulness of the Austria B2B List web for prominent figures. And these anachronistic reflections are not lacking in humor, especially since the characters are always well chosen. And personally I’ve always wondered what Cleopatra would do with a Dropbox account! The references are well seen and cross the whole history of humanity.

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