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Google is now rolling out a new search algorithm update called the December 2021 Product Reviews Update. This is the second time Google has released a product review update this year; the first was released in April 2021.  Therefore, Content of this Blog… Why is Google making this update? What is changing in Google? More Tips on Google Update Google posted these two items: Google Product Reviews Update Pre-Update Recommendations for Product Reviews Recommendations for your product reviews Why we care about product reviews Why is Google making this update? Therefore, This update is designed to better reward product reviews that share in-depth research, rather than content that simply summarizes a bunch of products.

Reviews that are written in a way that has deep analysis and original research will be rewarded, especially content written by experts or enthusiasts who know the subject well. Reviews are a critical part of customer service surveys . What is changing in Google?  Therefore, If Google made changes between this and the last update, you Estonia Phone Number may see improvements in your ranking since the last update. If you’ve made positive changes to your content, you may see that improvement reflected as part of this latest version. Google also says that it has received more feedback from users about what kind of review content is considered trustworthy and useful, which motivates it to provide additional guidance on product reviews.

Why Is Google Making This Update?

Users have said that they trust reviews of products with evidence.  That they are actually being tried or used and prefer to have more options to buy the product.  Therefore, Google update on product reviews More Tips on Google Update.  Google provided two new best practices around this update. One is that you should provide more media on your product reviews.  And the second is to provide links to multiple sellers, not just one. Google posted these two items: Provide evidence. Therefore,   Such as images, audio, or other links from your own experience with the product.  To support your experience and reinforce the authenticity of your review. It includes links to various vendors.  So that the reader has the option to purchase from the merchant of their choice.  Therefore, Google said the update is now rolling out to English pages.

Estonia Phone Number

It will take about three weeks to complete. Google Product Reviews Update The Google Product Reviews.  The update aims to promote review content that goes beyond much of the template-based information.  You see on the web.  Therefore, Google said it will promote these types of product reviews in its search result rankings. Google isn’t directly punishing lower-quality product reviews that have sparse content that simply summarizes a bunch of products. However, if you provide such content and find your ranking demoted because other content is promoted above yours, it will definitely feel like a penalty.

Google December 2021 Update

Technically, according to Google, this is not a penalty against your content. Therefore, Google is only rewarding sites with more accurate review content with rankings above yours. This update should only affect product review content and not other types of content.  Therefore, This is important for your eCommerce marketing strategy where you should consider reviews of your products. Do you want to know how to promote your products? Pre-Update Recommendations for Product Reviews The general approach is to provide users with content that provides deep analysis and original research, content written by experts or enthusiasts who know the subject well. That’s similar advice to the basic upgrade recommendations above.

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