Edit a Word or Excel File on Smartphone and Tablet With Quickoffice

Word and Excel are among the most used software. Both designed by Microsoft, the first is a word processing software, the second is a spreadsheet. They have been part of the Microsoft Office suite since 1993. I  and  files are ubiquitous, they have a drawback: it is not always easy to Indian Business Fax List consult them on your smartphone or tablet. If the Microsoft Office suite is long overdue on Android and iOS, many solutions have come to overcome this lack. In June 2012, Google had just bought Quick office. The application (paid) allowed access to its Word, Excel and Power point documents on smartphone and tablet.

Word and Excel Are Among


And Quick office lets you edit Word, Excel and Power point files on Android and iOS ! The takeover of Quick office by Google had had no impact until now: the application Indian Business Fax List was still paying and had not changed much lately. But Google has just revolutionized the application, and the changes made will please many users. Now, Quick office is totally free, on Android and iOS. Quick office accesses files stored on the smartphone, tablet, and Google Drive . The application allows you to view and edit Word.  Excel and Power point  documents on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Files created on Google Drive can simply be viewed.

Google Had Just Bought Quick Office

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Indian Business Fax List


Access the Quick office application on your smartphone or tablet before September 26 and walk away with 10 GB of free storage in your account for 2 years! You will thus benefit from 25 GB of free storage on Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+. The arrival of Quick office in a free version Indian Business Fax List is excellent news. We simply regret the inability to modify a Google Drive file, while it is quite possible with the Google Drive application. Conversely, Microsoft Office files are not editable on Google Drive, while you can edit your Word, Excel and Power point files on Quick office for free. Probably the best would be to use an app to edit both types of documents, hope Google soon designs a unified app.

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