Effective Social Marketing Campaigns Can Empower Your Business ‘Brand’ in the Market Place

Getting a lot of likes fast makes you feel good, it’s instant gratification, but is it relevant? no, it is not. That is why whenever you want to achieve something relevant, that generates an impact, understanding by impact something that you seek to convey, we must learn to be patient, things that really matter such as love, the job of your dreams, living from that project that passionate, whatever, all these things need time, the road is long, laborious, which does not mean that you do not enjoy it. Let me make you think,

Social Marketing Tips

Do you remember what meetings were like 15 New Zealand Phone Number List years ago without cell phones? What did you do when you were in the meeting room where two people were waiting for two others? You talked, you wondered how everything is going, how is your wife, your son… have you seen this situation again? Or today is it more common to be each one with your mobile writing or answering emails until all the members of the meeting are there and it is at that moment and only at that moment when we leave the mobile on the table?

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Businesses are human relations, and technology in many cases is limiting and destroying them, which also destroys the business if we pass the threshold limit. What really matters takes time to build (and the base is NOT digital) What is the first thing you do when you wake up in bed? Leave me your answer in the comments. It seems that lately the term big data has been heard everywhere, but being something so intangible, many times we are not clear about how we can apply it. A few days ago I was reading a book about the application of data to the fashion sector,

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