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Especially when you know how hard it is to build an active community? But spammers are still flooding the comments section of blogs with useless and unrelated comments linking to shady websites. By removing these shady comments about your old content, you can improve your brand and build trust. Place a Google ReCAPTCHA validator on your comments to stop Spammers. Check your grammar and spelling Yes, we all make typing mistakes. I am aware that some of my blog posts may still contain misspellings. Whenever I edit any content on our blog, I also remove any errors that I can find. Fewer mistakes always make a better impression. So why not go through some of your older posts and check their grammar and spelling?

I recommend you use one of my favorite tools: Grammarly . Optimize your keywords Often the keywords we think our content would get search traffic for are not found. In many cases the keywords that our content actually gets views in Google search are different. And that means there’s a huge potential for new traffic on keywords Bahrain Phone Number that we didn’t consider when we initially created our content. Visit Google Search Console . Find out what keywords your post is getting impressions for. These keywords are the ones you should optimize your content for. The main query should be the focus keyword, as long as it is relevant to your content. All other relevant keywords must be secondary keywords. And that means you should try adding these keywords to your content if you haven’t used them before.

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There are most likely some keywords on this list that you may not have considered. Improve the CTA in your web content To get more people to click on your article, you need to change what people see on the search page: title and meta description. With the new keywords you researched, try to figure out what people are really searching for and re-create your meta description and title. Google is now focused on search intent, so your meta description should provide context for your users. Learn more about how to optimize your website for SEO and conversions . Add images for relevant social networks Follow best practices. If you want your web content to be shared on social media.

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you need to provide images in the correct size. You can’t expect to get traffic from networks like Pinterest if your blog content doesn’t offer traffic-friendly images. Even Tweets won’t get you all the traffic you could get from them if you don’t have images accompanying the Tweets. Check your headers and summaries Now that you’ve added images for your most important social networks, you need to make it easy to post to these networks as well. To do this you must ensure that the publications are optimized. A click on a share button should provide a ready-to-use tweet with the tweet text and link. A pin should already include a pin description with keywords and hashtags.

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This means that you must add this text to the image alt tags for each pin. Surely, in the past few months or even years of publishing web content, you’ve learned a few things about which headers drive more traffic than others. Use the knowledge gained and create new headers for your underperforming posts. You can even compare these new headers to the old one. Use ContentStudio to schedule your Tweets with the old and new title. See which one got you the most retweets or clicks. This isn’t a science experiment, but it can give you a first impression of which title has the most potential. Create more web content Not only can you update your old content, you can also create new content from the old content. You can turn some old eBooks into new articles.

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