Everything for a Successful Social Media Strategy

Communicating on social networks has become essential for all companies that want optimal visibility on the web. But not always easy to see clearly in the strategy to adopt. And at a time when the various platforms seek to charge for visibility. It is even more difficult to understand how to manage your brand image on the networks without spending excessive budgets. The Lab team , of which Nicaragua B2B List we are partners, will address several issues related to the success of a social media strategy.

ROI, engagement, expenses… To see more clearly on these different issues, several recognized speakers will be present: The event is free and will take place on July 4 at the ESG Management School 25 rue St Ambroise in Paris. You can also find all the information about the conference, or ask your questions via the hashtag .Over the years, the job search evolves.

Communicating on Social Networks


One thinks in particular of the original CVs , from the train ticket to the skateboard. Recruiters also try to be visible to candidates, by cultivating their employer brand. We have also produced an ebook on the subject: Employer Brand and Recruitment 2.0, example and best practices . But on the candidate side, are social networks Nicaragua B2B List used to apply?

Not really, according to a study by Expectra . The origin of applications for job offers was analyzed between .Or 6.94% of the whole. And in the future, this proportion may not change much. Over one year, the share of applications via social networks even fell slightly, from 7% in April 2012 to 6.94% in April 2013. Which We Are Partners

Nicaragua B2B List
Nicaragua B2B List


The total number of applications via social networks is therefore more than 7%. Expectra observes some differences according to the sectors. Recruiters who posted an offer in the “Commercial & Marketing” field received an average of 10.43 applications via Viadeo. This is much more than the field “IT & Telecoms” (2.69) or even “Engineering & Industries” (2.38).

They collect information on companies, carry out professional monitoring and participate in discussions. Like every year, we are currently carrying out a large survey on recruitment and social media: Questions Emploi (candidate side) and HR Questions (recruiter side). Whether you are a candidate, listening to professional opportunities or a recruiter, your opinion matters to us! As a reminder, here is the complete document of our 2012 survey on employment and social networks.

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