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In the United States as elsewhere, the years follow one another and resemble each other. So are bills aimed at restricting internet freedoms. which we We were already talking to you a year ago. But what is it? Back in detail on what could be a turning point for the Internet. In May 2011, Democratic Colombia B2B List Senator Patrick Leahy presented the PIPA bill, for Protect IP Act. To sum up, the goal was to better equip rights holders so that they could more easily fight against piracy.

The Resounding Failure of the Pipa and Sopa Laws


On the same principle, the aim was to give new rights to American judges vis-à-vis suspected sites: requirement of delisting, prohibition of transactions via Paypal, pure and simple blocking of access via the Internet… There too, the issue of net neutrality and freedoms on the Internet was overlooked. Logically, these two bills led to an unprecedented outcry: from associations Colombia B2B List for the defense of freedoms, quickly followed by large companies.

On January 18, 2012, many sites protested by carrying out a blackout against the SOPA and PIPA laws : Google, Mozilla or even Wikipedia had then censored their logo. After the resounding failure linked to the abandonment of the SOPA and PIPA laws, American elected officials have decided to look into a new text.

The Cispa Bill: Supported by Facebook, Google and Others

Colombia B2B List
Colombia B2B List



The end of personal data on social networks? In recent days, the bill has been under discussion in the House of Representatives. The opportunity to study the various amendments proposed by the representatives of the American people. Among these, an amendment aimed at protecting the passwords of users of social networks. By adopting it. the House of Representatives prohibited employers from requiring the Facebook, Twitter or Google+ password of their employees. But as incredible as it may seem, the representatives preferred to reject this amendment , making this practice completely legal in the USA.

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