Facebook and Google Guarantors of Your Identity in Great Britain

Certify its digital identity by a label, France had already thought about it. It was the IdéNum project , which fell into oblivion a few months ago. The applications imagined in practice often turn out to be not very successful. And are more reminiscent of a generalized file than a service intended to simplify the lives of citizens. To certify the identity of these citizens on government sites, Great Britain has chosen a very curious method. Rather than using a national, state-owned database, which would evoke Big Brother a little too much, the British government has chosen to base the identification of its citizens on private services.

Certify Its Digital Identity by a Label


Net lists them: they are Facebook, Google, Paypal, Microsoft, among others. This project, called IDA, for Identity Assurance, is a program whose objective is to Tunisia WhatsApp Number establish a relationship of trust on the Internet, and to limit the risk of identity theft. By identifying themselves using their Facebook account, for example, British citizens will be able to access government sites. Fishing license, passport, payment of taxes…

This News Caused a Controversy

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So many services that can be accessed after identification via one of the chosen sites. This news caused a controversy in Great Britain, rather rightly: can one thus entrust its identification to a private actor? Certainly, this solution avoids the use of a centralized database by the government, which is not the absolute dream in terms of privacy either. But is it reasonable to rely on third-party services?

If a user’s Facebook or Paypal account is compromised, what will happen? The British Cabinet Office website dedicated to digital seeks to reassure citizens that the government has called in experts in privacy issues, and there will in no way be a centralized database. Should take place in April 2013. It will be to watch…

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