Facebook Google and Amazon Are the Avengers of the Free Internet

The main web giants in the United States are officially meeting. To form a lobby dedicated to the protection of freedoms on the internet. The companies affected are: Amazon, AOL, eBay, Expedia, Facebook, Google, IAC, LinkedIn, Monster Worldwide, Rackspace, salesforce.com, TripAdvisor, Yahoo!, and Zynga. Entitled the “Internet Association”. The news of its creation had already leaked last July but this formalization allows to know more about. the missions of this association. Three major axes are defended. The protection of internet freedom. “Freedom is Essential for the preservation of this platform as well as for its economic growth. Job creation and political freedom. » Encourage innovation and economic growth.

The Protection of Internet Freedom


“The Internet Association supports regulations that ensure users, businesses and governments have the ability to freely choose which technologies and platforms to use and encourage, without those choices being unduly constrained by corporate structures. controls that cannot keep pace, which stifles innovation. » Empowering Users: “The Internet Association supports policies Ghana WhatsApp Number that allow all users to take full advantage of the product innovations this technology makes available rather than have their choices limited by government mandates. » A founding context Claims that obviously echo the attempts of many governments to fight piracy by endangering the freedom of users and businesses on the Internet. One thinks in particular of SOPA, this international regulation which has met with massive protests from Internet users, but also from member companies of this Internet Association.

Encourage Innovation and Economic Growth

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Who says Regulators must understand. That the preservation of freedom is essential to the vitality of the Internet itself and its results. economic prosperity.  The project may seem utopian but the initiative. Supported by the largest US web companies is more than commendable. Let’s hope that it is a real support force for educating and advising governments. Which out of fear often choose repression rather than innovation. Note that Microsoft and Apple are not (yet?) part of the Internet Association. No reason mentioned, the future will tell us if the two computer giants will join the movement.

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