Facebook Updates in Real Life

Web services, from Facebook to Google via Twitter, regularly apply numerous updates. Some are minimal and go unnoticed, while others reform the tools in depth to offer ever more personalized content, adapted to the situations and the environment of the users…. Users not always Bolivia B2B List convinced by the changes imposed on social networks! The privacy policy of these services is often criticized. Because to offer this personalized content, these targeted advertisements or these adapted services.

Web services and social networks generally collect a lot of data about us. Facebook is the perfect example in addition to a rather obscure management of personal data for ordinary mortals.

Web Services From Facebook


And generally, the appreciation of users is not the most positive, despite the numerous press releases from the company extolling the clarity of the “new privacy settings”. Nothing like a short video to make fun of these updates! Extremely Decent Films has just produced “A Facebook Update In Real Life”: the story of a user-imposed Facebook update. Changes related to confidentiality Bolivia B2B List are not the only ones concerned, far from it! Disappearing features, multiple invitations to events, pokes, smileys in the statuses…

Everything goes, and let’s face it: it’s well thought out, funny and well done. In the event that, Yesterday we presented a sketch led by Stan, Dam and David Couturier. The latter featured the three accomplices in scenes projecting them into parallel universes.

These Services Is Often Criticized

Bolivia B2B List
Bolivia B2B List


Given the number of possibilities offered by this very simple scenario, we thought that a little contest could be not bad. For the next edition, you will decide what our heroes will do in their video. You can propose what you want, as long as it’s funny, quirky, original, not impossible Bolivia B2B List to achieve (if possible)… To participate, all you have to do is complete this sentence: “ Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, …. like in the video.

The best proposals will be imaged by the team in the next episodes. And the lucky winners will of course have a quote and a link in the post that will accompany the video. To your ideas, enlighten us on your ideas of parallel universes in comments! To give you ideas, you can redo the first episode:

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