Feed Burner: Alternatives and Migration Method

Feed burner is a free RSS feed manager. Originally independent, it has since been acquired by Google. In particular it allows you to know the number of people subscribed to your feed. Or the number of clicks on each article published. You can also configure the appearance of the feed, facilitate sharing on social networks. And your readers can choose to receive new articles by email. One of the advantages of this type of service is not to lose its subscribers if its blog. Or service changes URL  all you have to do is modify the source RSS feed. Your subscribers will see nothing but fire.

If Feed burner is undoubtedly the most used feed manager. Rumors today raise fears that the service will close soon… Discover several alternatives, Feed burner: selection of alternatives RSSA. An efficient and well-thought-out Feed burner-like With RSSA. It’s all in the title Really simply syndicate anything .

Feed burner: Selection of Alternatives


The tool is designed for all users, even the least technical. The main advantage of RSSA is to allow sites tha.t Do not have their own RSS feed to create their own very easily. Technically, the tool will search the pages of the site for titles, content, media. Authors and dates of articles to create a dedicated RSS feed. In case of difficulty, it is possible to include HTML markers to facilitate analysis. RSSA provides statistics on the use of its feed as on Feed burner, as well as the email addresses of its subscribers Nepal WhatsApp Number by email.

Feed cat : a tool that works, disappointing ergonomics Feed cat is another free service, which fulfills the same role as Feed burner. The interface is less aesthetic than RSSA, but the tool is effective once properly configured. The site encourages bloggers to use a widget that highlights feed and number of subscribed readers, but you don’t have to cram your site that way. As on Feed burner, you can modify the source of your RSS feed, choose part of the address of your new feed, the theme of the page which allows users to subscribe…

Method to Transfer Its Feed Burner Subscribers

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You also obtain usage statistics such as the number of weekly readers. Feed Blitz : the complete alternative… but paying In terms of functionality, Feed Blitz is reminiscent of Feed burner: audience and feed usage statistics, possibility of subscribing by email, integration of social networks, service reliability, quality customer service… The only concern is that it doesn’t is not free: its price is quite substantial, and depends on the number of people subscribed to your feed. Its economic model implies that it is mainly aimed at companies looking for a very complete tool, to be tested if the free alternatives do not suit you.

Note that the service offers a lot of well-thought-out content around the tool, including a complete guide to migrating its feeds from Feed burner. On WordPress: the association Jet Pack / Feed Stats If, like many bloggers, you use the WordPress CMS, you can also install a number of recognized and well-supported extensions, such as Jet Pack which allows email subscription and Feed Stats which provides usage statistics of your native feed. blog. The advantage is to centralize everything on your blog’s dashboard and easily monitor subscriptions…

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