Five steps to jump-start your local content marketing plan

Five Steps to a Content Marketing Plan 1. Goal – Identify the Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List action you seek. Note that “action” here refers to observable behavior, not attitude or feeling. understood? OK – now ask yourself: what do I want people Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List to do? Please be clear! For example, if you are a florist with an attractive storefront, you may want Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List to generate more street traffic. If you sell services like graphic design, you may want to drive potential clients to an online portfolio so they can see your work. 2.

2. Target audience – determine who can give you action.

Target audience – determine who can give you action. For a flower shop, someone Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List walking down his street or living near his shop can give him what he wants, and that is to Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List come to his shop. For graphic designers, it’s someone looking for graphic design services online. (Remember that your target audience has specific characteristics. Avoid thinking of your audience as “the general public.”) 3. Channels – Decide how to reach your Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List audience. It’s usually best to use local searches for florists or anyone with a brick and mortar store.

3. Channels – Decide how to reach your audience.

It’s a way to help people discover a flower shop when they Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List search for it in Google (or other search engines). Businesses must also understand that local is being supercharged by Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List mobile and they really can’t be separated. 90% of US customers now carry a cell phone (I’m one of them, and I bet you too!). As Street Fight Insights puts it: “…the more ‘local’ a company is, the more it loses without a mobile plan.” Florists may also want to advertise Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List in local shoppers and weekly newspapers, or even create an attractive.

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