Flipboard Finally Available in Web Version

Flipboard is one of the most popular apps on mobiles and tablets. It allows you to create a personalized magazine according to your interests, whether you follow the news on social networks or the sports transfer market in England. Navigation within the Flipboard application is Finland B2B List very well thought out and information sharing is easy. Zite offers the same type of service, but the integration of RSS feeds is less obvious, the subjects are fewer and in English.

In both cases, the main downside is the accessibility of the tools: the two services were only available on mobiles and tablets until yesterday. But Flipboard stands out today by offering – finally – a web version . Users will appreciate! In terms of graphics, the same principles as for the mobile and tablet versions are retained. Everything is done to improve navigation and provide a pleasant interface.

In Terms of Graphics


Unfortunately, the web version of Flipboard does not yet include all of the app’s features. You will still need to use a mobile or tablet to create an account and personalize your magazine. On the web interface, you will be able to view the magazines created by the users. Flipboard links shared by email and on social networks will be accessible to all Internet users, via a simple browser. Hopefully the Finland B2B List other features will follow soon! Flipboard takes the opportunity to provide a key usage figure: since the launch of the new version last March, more than two million magazines have been created.

The arrival of Flipboard in web version should considerably increase the number of users. But the service will have to adapt its mobile services to the web quickly enough to convince more. In most sectors, many companies share the market. In certain niches, only a few companies are doing well.

Subjects Are Fewer and in English

Finland B2B List
Finland B2B List


One thinks in particular of the market for mobile operating systems, monopolized mainly by Apple and Google. But there is a sector where Apple dominates, inexorably: that of tablets. According to a Chitika study , the iPad accounts for more than 84% of traffic from tablets. An impressive figure which reflects the undivided domination of the Apple tablet, despite the aggressive prices charged Finland B2B List by its competitors. on’t stand out. The HP Touchpad, despite its very short marketing at the end of 2011, retains 12th place in the ranking. Overall, the other tablets do not scratch the dominance of the iPad: it even strengthened between April and June 2013.

At the same time, the main competing tablets saw their market share crumble, apart from the Nook e-reader offered by Barnes & Noble. In short, if you want to adapt your website to a tablet or offer an application, you should start with the iPad!

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