For How to Create a Canonical

If you want more website traffic and greater profits on the website pages that you manage, then you need to optimize seo on your website. By way of onpage, offpage, and technical seo, a website will have better performance which can help make it easier for search engines to display your website pages on search pages.


How to create canonical tags for seo optimization process

anonical tag is a way to do canonical settings by making it using html code.

For how to create a canonical  tag, you Hong Kong Phone Number can create it in the following way:

1. Creating canonical using rel=”canonical” html tags
you can create or add script code on your website page in the tag by:

the application is for example when you have a web page like.

Hong Kong Phone Number

to be marked as a canonical url, then on that

page, you can add a canonical tag by adding the code as below:

2. Create a canonical using the yoast seo plugin on a wordpress website
on your page that has the yoast seo plugin installed,

you can check it in the yoast seo plugin section on your article page or landing page in the “advanced”

section, then in the canonical url column, you can add it manually or if it’s not filled that’s okay too -what because it is set automatically by this yoast seo plugin.

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